M.I.C.E Stands for Meetings, incentives, conferences & Exhibitions/ Events. It represents the niche hospitality market that is being adopted increasingly in the corporate world due to its ability to inspire employees by providing accommodating environments and tailor-made services.

M.I.C.E is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel sector which is generating millions of dollars in revenue every year. Typical target customers of M.I.C.E include IT Companies, Banking, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, F&B Companies, etc.

The latest Convention Industry Council Report claimed that 85% of meetings in the U.S.A are conducted at venues with lodging, generating more than 275 million room night tariffs annually. M.I.C.E travel is much higher than Leisure travel.

M.I.C.E has been an essential part of tourism business for decades.


Meetings are typically held in hotels, conference rooms or at convention centres. They are single events that bring together a group and professionals to address a key challenge or set goals for organizations.


Incentives are travel rewards a company may provide in return for excellent professional performance from individual employees, group or partners. A few days in resorts, hotels at your company’s expense.


Conferences take meetings to the next level and are design for large corporate groups & share knowledge for few days. They also include guest speakers and the general public as well.


Exhibitions are essentially trade shows where organizations promote their products and services to the public. They are highly focused on employees to networks, boosts their business and build long lasting professional relationships.

Required Skills for M.I.C.E Tourism:

Management is based on interpersonal, creative, organizational and technical skills. Innovative creativity is needed to design original event concepts, select the right venues and market effectively. Soft skills such as patience, empathy, teamwork and problem solving are vital if, for example, a large travelling party from a culturally- specific region are to be greeted with appropriate welcome drink.

The Niche hospitality market has seen hotels having to create jobs for innovative meeting planners and professional conference service staff. In some cases, recruiting in house can prove difficult if all competencies are to be met, hence the rise in Destination Management Companies (DMC) that have started to spring up worldwide.

A DMC aims to offer the full range logistics services in their specialist destinations: meet & greet, transfers & transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurant, activities, excursions, conference venues, theme events and Gala Dinners. They are often able to provide preferential rates based on the buying power that they have with their preferred suppliers.

Impact of MICE:

Nowadays businesses are attracted to the MICE Market, as the events can generate sales & revenue, increase Knowledge and boost employee productivity. M.I.C.E tourism also benefits the regional and national economics of the countries hosting events. M.I.C.E sales are extremely beneficial and can generate a sizable portion of Hotel’s revenue. By attracting MICE tourists, you have an opportunity to boosts the returns of your establishment, as well as your reputation.

Potential Benefits of MICE:

•            Contribution to employment and income, Nationally, Regionally & Internationally.

•            Increased foreign exchange earnings for a nation.

•            Provision of opportunities for access to new technology, exchange of ideas, establishment of valuable business and professional contacts and other social & cultural impacts.

•            Attendance at conference draws together leading national & international specialists and practitioners in their fields. They bring together World’s leaders from different categories of businesses together.

•            Meetings and conventions are a source of continuing education and training and are a forum for developing and maintaining professional contacts. 

Why is MICE Tourism important to the Economy and what is the Scope of MICE industry in Tourism Development?

 Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world and one of those with greatest growth. At Global level it is responsible for 9% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 1 in every 11 jobs are created in this sector.

Spain is the third most visited country in the world, after the United States and France, and the tourism Industry generates 11% of the National GDP.

That’s why Tourism is one of the most important sectors, not only in Spain, but all over the World. Many Countries depend upon the income from tourism and so it is essential that there is a solid connection between public & private organizations in order to effectively promote the destination.

53% of tourists travel for pleasure or holidays and this signifies a very large portion of the pie, with many countries and cities competing for that business. However, there is a smaller portion (14% of Travellers) no less important, who travel for professional or business reasons. Within that we also find those who travel for conferences, Dealer’s meet events & meetings: a segment that although it makes up a lesser percentage than the holiday market, is able to provide important economic benefits.

Why Choose Hreem Saafar for M.I.C.E?

We are passionate about creating, planning and managing MICE Programs and incentive travel experiences that motivate, inspire and provide a great experience and wonderful memories.

Creativity is at the heart of our way of thinking. This allows us to find solutions where pure logic isn’t sufficient enough. We have access to the finest venues, resorts and destinations through which we curate an immaculate itinerary as per the traveller’s budget, requirements and the potential of accommodating every activity they desire.

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